QUESTION: I'm in love with someone of my same sex. Can we practice the sexual aspects of tantra together?

ANSWER: I don't see why not. What's your concern? Perhaps because you see statues of tantric deities in the form of woman and man making love, you feel left out.

To many tantrikas, these ecstatic statues in conjugal embrace are mostly symbolic, did you know? The statues do represent robust man and sensual woman in earthly form making love, but that's just for starters. On the soul level, they are more. They are the symbolic union of passive and active. Yin and yang. Woman and man represent the two forces of wisdom and compassion. Even the union of life and death.

Tantra involves what you can see and what you can't see. Intercourse represents the union of both the earthly FORM of woman and man, and the FORMLESS soul that houses your earthly gender forms. Does this make sense to you? Remember that even though you and your partner appear to be two women or two men on the Earth plane, you're more. Soul is ultimately genderless, mutable, and free. Wouldn't you agree?

That's why, in reincarnation, it's said by millions of believers that a soul can come back to be reborn as a woman one lifetime, and as a man the next.

A soul contains awareness of both male and female. That's one reason soulmates understand each other. That's one reason why you sometimes feel attracted to someone of the same sex, even though society may make it harsh on you. Your souls need each other.

In terms of practical use of tantric exercises, try starting tantra without sex. Meditate together. Breathe together, backs touching. Know your soul secrets. Look into the pupils of each other's eyes as if you were looking into the vastness of the night sky.

Please consider exploring tantra that way first. (Heterosexual couples could benefit from doing the same). Take care.


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