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Question & Answer:

Dear Mystic: "What can I do to be free again? I feel like I'm in bondage to material things, work, my spouse, and my church. It's like I don't have a life of my own."

Dear Bonded:
You won't be able to be free until you are really bored with being in bondage. You are not just in bondage to materiality, work, spouse and church. If you think about it, you may also be in bondage to certain appetites and addictions (sugar, chocolate, smoking, drinking, philandering, too many new techno-gizmos taking up room in your closet).

You must look discerningly and without trepidation into the reasons why you do what you do.

Try going through your closet and putting into boxes the things that you don't wear. Just put the boxes in the basement or storeroom. You don't have to give them away. The angels will have more room to fly around in your head.

Does this mean that having less is better? Not necessarily. Have as much as you like. But don't have it all cluttering up your home -- or your mind.

Are you weary of the mortgage, student loan payments, the grocery bills and cable TV bills, the taxes and rent and gas bills? Are you tired of being lonely, even if you have a family? Do you wake up at night suddenly worried about death?

All of this is normal. It will increase your compassion to look at your co-workers and realize that they may not be talking about these things, but they also are feeling them. As you face your own condition consciously, your heart will open more to others. Do some volunteer work.

It's fine to have hopes and expectations. The problem is when you can't let them go if they don't turn out as you hoped. That's when you suffer. It's not from the hope or planning itself that you feel the pain -- hope actually feels good -- it's from the attachment to the hope.

Remember the story of the baby elephant who was tied by the leg with a strong rope to a pole? As it grew up, and became a huge and powerful adult, the elephant believed that the rope could hold it, even though it could easily have picked up its foot and snapped the rope -- or even the pole! Aren't we like that in some ways? Are we still ruled by the fears and restrictions of childhood?

Take care. My best wishes.

-- the Mystic Mama
Are you ready to take responsibility for yourself? Make the changes that you know need to be made? Do you Wish to Feel and Look more Beautiful in spirit, mind and body?
Go beyond your limits. Who set those limits -- you, or others?

Simple Qigong Exercise:

Begin with the breath. Without breath, you die. Sit comfortably, relax your eyes, and put your hand on your tummy. As you breathe in, let your hand rise. Yes, your tummy rises. This is because you are breathing from your lower diaphragm. You aren't just filling your upper lungs around your chest and throat. Release the breath and let your hand sink as your belly sinks.

This is the first step. Now, after you do a couple of these lower-belly breaths and get used to the feeling (this is the way a baby breathes), you'll do a full breath.

To do a full breath, again start with letting your belly rise as you inhale. Then let your rib cage expand, and your chest, all the way up to your neck. Let the breath come up and fill you. Imagine the breath is going to the top of your head. Sitting down? I hope so. When you fill your lungs, and you're not used to it, it can make you dizzy. (Never try this while driving.) Even let your upper back expand, like a cobra. Exhale slowly.

How does that feel?

This is the beginning of qigong, which means discipline of the life force. Good luck. Keep tuned for more exercises. Qigong covers meditation, breath and movement.
How to do your own Dream Interpretation and Analysis:

While it may be useful to pay an expert to help you understand your dreams, you may want to have some hints on how to handle those dreams that you wake up in the middle of the night with. Do you ponder them a little? Forget them? Remember them later and wonder if there's a message for you?

Here is a simple starter lesson. Take the main elements of the dream and write them down. For example, let's say that you had a dream of signing an important contract on a piece of toast. The toast had been bitten, even. You had to sign with an "x" and not with your name. You refused to sign, thinking that it was best not to. You found out later that someone you admire a lot had signed and was going to work with the company, which was a modeling agency. You wake up baffled.

This is a real dream -- one that a mystical friend had recently. Here's the analysis and method. First, write down all of the elements that were important in the dream sequence. In this case it would be: the toast, the bitemarks, the "x" signature, and the modeling company and friend.

Next, take each element and put a pair of cartoon lips on it in your mind, and let that element talk. For example, the toast. Slap a pair of big red lips or little skinny lips onto the image of the cooked toast in your mind, and let those lips start moving.

What about symbology? Is this what you're thinking? Isn't there some dream reference book somewhere that has "toast" in the index and tells you just what toast means in a dream? There probably is. That's the problem.

Forget -- for the time being -- about trying to apply Freudian, Jungian, Egyptian, Hopi, shaman, kahuna, brujo, Tibetan or other systems of interpretation to it. Let's face it -- each of these systems is different, depending on their cultures and times. So each would interpret your dream differently. The point is this: how do YOU learn from your dream?

The toast speaks to you and might say: "I am the toast in your dream, and I'm nourishing -- but someone is already starting to eat me. See my bite marks? I'm in your dream to remind you that when you sign a contract, be sure that no one is going to take too big a bite out of your profits. And the "x" that you're signing me with is a put-down of your abilities to think and to sign your own name."

Again, it's a warning that a contract you're considering may be demeaning and may belittle your talents. Get a lawyer. This is the message of the toast.

Now consider the friend in the dream. Who was this friend? S/he probably already has a nice pair of lips. Let them speak. The friend might say: "I'm here to take chances. I know the modeling agency might rip me off, but it's not a big part of my life, and I'm young, so I'm going for it. Also, you don't know this because you were looking at your own contract, but I signed with my whole name and got to use paper instead of toast for my contract. There's still time to return to the dream and join with me, on your own terms."

There now, isn't that interesting?

Try it with you next vivid dream. And stay tuned for more dream analysis hints. Our next lesson will be on the skill of Lucid Dreaming (how to gather your power and control your dreams -- no more nightmares).
Prayers for the Family

Dear Creator, the Beginner of all Being, we offer our souls to you in service. We pray to be kind and understanding, to not demand love from others without knowing how to give love in return, and we ask that you wash our spirits clean in the same way that the gentle rain washes the leaves of the dusty trees. Thank you. Amen.

Isn't that a nice prayer? Do you ever feel like you need a good spiritual bath? Are your soul leaves dusty and covered with lint? Give a good prayer like this to the Universe. Make one up yourself. How do you write your own prayer? Easy. Just look around you. See an object of Nature (sky, earth, tree, sun, moon). Write it down. Notice the season of the year. Write it down. Feel how your emotions are settling through you. Write them down. Now...Write your prayer, using the elements that you have written down. It is your own prayer, and the Universe listens. Not the smallest candle goes unseen. It may seem that your prayers are not answered at times, or maybe are not answered in the way that you would want. Still, the Eye of God is open and all-seeing. God loves you, and you are not forgotten.

Please visit us again for more prayers and encouragement.


God is posing as a sunrise.
Yellow, peach, pink, I know Your colors,
God. You are simple as green grass,
as warm as cat fur, and
I saw You
there in my soul's kitchen,
drinking up the milk with my cats.
I saw You and I fed
Recipes for Stomach and Soul

A lot of what you eat is grown a long way away from where you breathe and walk. While this may be necessary in a modern world, there is the theory that foods grown in your own yard have a psychic connection with you and give you extra nourishment. Why would this be? It's because of SUN and AIR.

It's because you and the plants are both growing and living under the same angle of the sun, and your energy resonance from the light will be similar. Also, both plants and humans take in air -- the plants taking in carbox dioxide and putting oxygen back into the air; and humans doing the opposite. Shamans have long claimed that if you breathe the same air as your plants, in concert with them, they will nourish you more. If you walk under the same angle of sunlight and in the same climate as the plants, then your body will recognize the energy of those plants more. That's the theory. Plants have a component that utilizes air to deliver to parts of themselves that is similar in molecular structure to the hemoglobin that delivers oxygen to parts of the human body through the blood. The similarities between plants and animals can be unsettling.

Do plants have souls? Personalities? Some would say Yes. Of course some would say that nothing has souls. Women, dogs and idiots were believed by the European Catholics to not have souls until a few hundred years ago -- when the Roman Catholic Holy Fathers had a vote and barely decided that women did have souls, but that dogs and morons didn't.

I'm not trying to convert anyone. My job is to ask you to eat a tangerine or tomato or some rosemary grown where you live; and to compare it with the same plant grown at a distance. See how you feel. Is it just that locally-grown may be fresher? Is it that you might grow organic food? All of these things make a difference, but consider this: are you and your dinner breathing the same air and receiving the same angle and intensity of sunlight? Are you like family, living together? Just a thought.

Here's a FRUIT SALAD recipe for a potluck. It's nice to be known for a special dish that everyone asks you to bring, especially if it's easy. This one is easy and you can experiment with many kinds of fruits and dressings.

BASICS: Take some fruit off your land -- like bananas, oranges, tangerines, cheramoya, plums, apples, whatever you have. If you don't have any fruit trees growing in your New York City apartment, then buy some nice fruits and bless them.

Get a piece of ginger root -- grow it or buy it, borrow it or manifest it -- and trim off the rough outer peel. Chop it up into tiny pieces so that you have about a teaspoonful.

Mix the chopped ginger with honey and lemon juice, to taste. Some people like really sour fruit salads, and some like super sweet. You're not going to please them all, so please yourself. When I go to a potluck, I never know if I'll want to eat the food that others bring; and so I bring something that I know pleases me. The heating quality of the ginger is a nice contrast to the cooling quality of the fruit. The sweet honey and the sour lemon are again a pleasant yin and yang balance of opposites.

Slice the fruits in interesting ways after they are washed, peeled and whatever you have to do to make them edible. Either arrange them in a presentation on a flat plate, or toss them in a bowl. Toss bananas last, because they bruise. Squeeze lemon juice on the cut apples, to keep them looking fresh.

Finally, chop some fresh mint and sprinkle it on top! Voila! Hold your hands over the bowl when done, palms down, and send into the food your nourishing qi (life force) and loving thoughts ("May this fruit be a blessing to those who partake").

Guided Meditations go back thousands of years. They can be used for self-hypnosis, for communion with Divinity or simply to relax. Here's a guided meditation that is fun and can be used for self-help.

It is called the Future Self Meditation.

First, relax in a comfortable place with your eyes closed. This can be done in a public place, but you might be interrupted, so it's best to do it at home alone. If you have a huge family and no privacy, try the bathroom.

Imagine in your mind that you are stepping into a soft bubble. It transports you to a place that gives you a feeling of calm and reassurance. Maybe it is a pebbled beach with bamboo and ocean; maybe a mountain with snow; maybe your grandmother's kitchen from your youth; maybe a crystal palace with warm pools.

When you reach your special place, step out of your bubble and look into the distance. In your mind's eye, you are going to see and meet someone important. This important person is yourself -- five years from now. What will you be like when you're five years older? What would you LIKE to be like in five years? Imagine the person that you would like to become walking toward you. Be welcomed by this person, by your Future Self. Speak with this person. Ask questions and let your Future Self answer. Take a few minutes and be together in peace.

Then it is time to leave your Guided Meditation and return to yourself in the Now. Say goodbye to your Future Self, knowing that you can visit again. Climb into your bubble. Be transported back to where you are. Feel the air on your face, feel where you are sitting, and smell and hear what is around you. Slowly open your eyes.

You can learn a lot from this Guided Future Self Meditation. You are wiser and capable of greater kindness as you age. Good Luck.
Promotion Ideas for Inspirational Writers

We inspirational writers have great ideas that will help the world, but we can't find a publisher. What to do? One thing to do is to show we're willing to work to promote our books. Send a marketing plan out to publishers and agents with your proposal. Of course you can publish yourself as an E-Book (Electronic Book) or a POD (Print on Demand) book, or self-publish one thousand copies and distribute your book yourself (more on all of these methods later); but some of us may want to try the traditional route.

Here are some ideas for self-promotion. They will work no matter what route you decide to take to get your book in print.

1. Build a website. It's not hard to do.

2. Articles you would write for free for other websites about topics covered in your book - for example, spiritual relationship, marriage of equals, compassion and wisdom in Tibetan Buddhism, sacred sex, meditation, natural healing, peace, saving the tigers, etc.

3. Press Releases to local newspapers

4. Book-signings at Border's, Waldenbooks, boutique shops, coffee shops, etc.

5. Advertisements in local newspapers for your classes based on the book

6. The classes that you give on different topics covered in the book, which can be expanded to seminars that you might give with a partner.

7. Announcements to associations and clubs that you belong to.

Those are a few ideas.
Good luck.


Prepare a temple. This is a special place. It could be your bedroom, or a grove of trees, or a quiet spot on the beach where you can be alone.

Use candles and scented oils. Have a ritual bell or soft music. Often, gifts are exchanged-a ring, or a flower, an orange, poem or drawing. Be sure you're ready for this commitment. If the fruit is picked before it's ripe, the full sweetness can't be tasted. A person may appear ripe on the outside, but may not be ripe emotionally.

Maithuna means marriage. It's the marriage of yin and yang. It's a marriage of opposites. It's a sacred and ancient ceremony for humanity, because it can result in the formation of another human.

Have a small ceremonial meal. Traditionally, this is comprised of cooked fish, poultry, red meat, grain and a wine. This is to defy the ancient religious restrictions against these foods in certain cultures. The food can be whatever you like. A cardamom seed can be shared, to freshen the breath and settle the stomach. Mint leaf will do.

Sometimes the lovers offer each other one sip of wine. Tea or water are fine, too.

Prepare your body. Have a warm bath or shower, or sit in the hot tub. Soap each other and be clean. If you've been swimming, you probably don't need this.

Massage each other. Wear lots of jewelry. Traditionally, a rope of pearls or some adornment rests around the waist, as well as on the arms and around the neck. You're adorning two bodies to offer up love to the Sacred Ones.

Touch each other's chakras (energy centers). Different cultures have different chakra systems, but traditionally in the original tantras, there are seven main centers. Touch the crown chakra on the top of the head (access to higher energy), then the forehead chakra (psychic third eye), the throat chakra (artistic expression and speech), heart chakra (love), solar plexus chakra above the navel (seat of personality and selfhood), lower belly chakra (sex, reproduction), and the perineum root chakra between the anus and genitals (basic instinct for survival).

Look into each other's eyes for a few moments. Breathe together, the man following the woman. The man can contact her breath by putting his hand on her chest to feel it rising and falling.

Make love with variety, playfulness, and serious mystical intent. Vary your kissing, touching and movements between fast, slow and moderate. Use oils and lotions if you like, for lubrication and pleasant massage.

A jade vajra ring (penis ring) the size of a jade baby bracelet from a jewelry store may be used. Place the ring around the male organ before it's fully turgid. As the vajra hardens, the jade ring will keep the blood that builds up in the vajra from draining back out as quickly. This build-up of blood keeps the vajra harder longer. As men age, the jade ring may be more of a consideration than when they're young.

There's no success or failure in Maithuna. Orgasm is not the goal. There is no goal, really. Orgasm is a byproduct of the intention of spiritual union. If orgasm happens, fine. If not, fine. Either way, you've joined together at the soul level of bliss. If intercourse is at any time not desired by the man or woman, it's not necessary. There's another day. Sexuality encompasses many pleasurable realms beside intercourse.

Traditionally, the couple stays joined in intercourse, without moving, for half an hour. Breathe together, chant, read poetry, talk, or even sleep. The most comfortable posture for this is with the woman on her back and the man on his side, perpendicular to each other, their legs interwoven and genitals joined. This merging can create a spontaneous cosmic orgasm that fills every cell. This climax isn't the one most people are familiar with. It's an orgasm of the soul. Cosmic orgasm's not primarily a feeling of explosion or fullness and warmth in the genitals. This is an orgasm of each organ of the body. Each part resonates and vibrates with new life in this cosmic climax. You have a cosmic climax in a relaxed and unforced way. Your body may not move at all. Everything shifts, though. Even your eyes and kidneys climax, as do all your other organs, each in a different resonance. The air appears to fill with numerous sparkling squiggles of spermatic light. You feel enlightened. You may find yourself chanting spontaneously, or spinning out to the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.

You may want to have a conventional orgasm, of the genitals, at this point. This is perfectly fine. Some schools of tantra warn against "spilling your seed" (letting the ejaculate and semen come out), but others encourage it as a way to offer a gift to the woman.

Let your mind send out a prayer of peace to the world as you feel your orgasm extending out to the edges of the eons and outer space. When your Maithuna ceremony is complete, say "I love you." If you can't truthfully say this, you should ask whether or not this ritual is for you. Sacred sex is not to be trifled with. It's a profound experience, and creates a bond between two people that's not easily dissolved. Your bodies are the vehicle for the soul to find itself, and are the temples of Divine Awareness and Energy. Om Mani Padme Hum. Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus.